13/13 ArchiMOOnde!

We eventually got there!

Many demons were harmed in the killing of this guy, along with MASCHAVANG who valiantly sacrificed himself. But when the world of Azeroth becomes endangered, it FELL to the heroes to vanquish these great foes! By turning OFF the black gate we prevent another demonic invasion that would cause THE world to burn. Inside the hearts of every hero, the light remains strong even when pushed to the EDGE. Once we reached INto the nether, all hope was lost. But our heroes in this story were not PHASEd by this, and with THREE mighty strikes they laid waste to a powerful enemy!

OK that’s enough cheesey role play (or was it?! ;D ), I present to you the screenshot of Androme’s butt and a dead big demon. Onwards to Legion!


12/13 MannoWOOP!

Finally, one of the big guys goes down! Mannowroth turns into Mannopoop and we all raise glasses in the name of phat lewtz!

Onwards! For only Archimonde remains! LFR a 3rd hunter, preferably one that isn’t currently practicing law!

11/13 Do I even update?!

I may or may not have forgotten to update the front page 😛

but its ok, for I bring updates!

A few weeks ago we pwned Tyrant!

Then we were plagued by summer AFKs, people getting married and boat trips with Signalhunter!

Now that they are over, we are jumping back into progression with a Xhul’horac!

Onwards to the actual hard bosses!

7/13 Mythic Borefiend and Sockrektfar!

So Gorefiend was fun! And by fun I mean extremely over tuned for the amount of chaotic-ness to the fight! But either way we managed to stop wiping to hunger for life and downed the fat guy!

On top of this, we also snagged a Socrethar kill! Which was easier than expected with all these legendary rings!

Naturally, I don’t have a screenshot. So i drew up something quickly!

3/13 Mythic!

Magical things happened on this night (and by this night I mean last night and the night before!), after of course we eventually avoided most of the barrages, the majority of the blitz and killed most of the bombs in time. Iron Reaver finally fell! BEHOLD THE SHOTS OF THE SCREENS:

Hellfire Citadel Heroic Clear! And Mythic Trash! 1/13

Once Blizzard finally decided on how to handle their loot drops in their new raid tier, and squishing other various bugs. As well as changing fights to make them harder, we can finally announce that heroic Archimonde is dead!

I mean, its not like they have a special testing realm open to the public to test fights right? RIGHT?!

Well here’s a mostly real screenshot, shame it took the 2nd reset to kill him but with too many try hard guilds raiding 5 nights a week when they advertise that they are a 2 day raiding guild kinda defeats the point of racing as a 3 day raiding guild.

Oh and we also killed some mythic trash, it didnt take very long. Screenshot due soon