Dead Stuff

First off Congratulations to Míroo and Sangres who grabbed their respective Class Realm First 85 achievements, and to Azríel who was Realm First 85 by well over an hour but because of a recent realm transfer was denied it. Thanks to our quick start to the expansion by Thursday we had killed Pit Lord Argaloth in Tol Borad /yawn

On Friday we decided to hit Bastion of Twilight and made a meal out of Halfus Wyrmbreaker thanks to some epic shaman interupts. Valiona and Theralion were not far behind after some well timed dispels and common sense!

World 91st!


World 57th!


Instead of going out boozing, we decided we’d give Omnitron defense Council a go on Saturday and managed to score a kill on our second attempt, such dedication!


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