9/10 What a BLAST!

Much fun was to be had during tonights super fun Blast Furnace!

We meddled, we stood in fire, but we still reigned supreme! Despite the fact this fight requires a certain ability that only 1 class in the game has, I mean who designs an encounter around 1 ability?! Bring the player not the class right? RIGHT?!


But it’s ok, Blizzard personally said the encounter had been retuned to allow for 0 to 1 priests, not like you NEED to mind control security gaurds in p2. It will just take a while to lower the 99% damage reduction from the Slag elementals!


But enough of me going on about how badly designed that fight was, behold our screenshot! And by screenshot I mean we forgot to take one as usual, so Photoshop came to the rescue.


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