Realm First Madness of Deathwing 25 Heroic

Well what an anti-climatic encounter this turned out to be, sub 25 attempts, 2 in phase 4 and one dead Jaw!
I think the majority of raiders are glad Dragon Soul’s over some of the earlier encounters are really enjoyable but it tails off towards the end, couple this with the fact we lost some really top players during DS. I’d like to say a big thanks to all our Raiders who kept solid attendance during Cataclysm past and present, special mentions for Feelman, Kurze, Miroo, Smeg, Wes, Furial, Zoom who are now off pursuing real life shenanigans but were influential in our progress throughout Cataclysm, but most of all I’d like to thank the people who are still here grinding away and putting up with Ted!
Recruitment is now open to all exceptional players with a view to strengthening our roster.

Here’s a screenie of our clean sweep during Cata because we can. See you in MoP!

Spine Heroic 25

Well that was fun honest! We hadn’t been trying this a lot pre-nerf since nobody had locked 9 mages 9 rogues in a cupboard for me, we really should have put more effort into it though and our inexperience showed when they made it killable with a realistic setup and we had a lot of silly avoidable wipes eventually once the Donny Diver started kiting properly and perhaps a grip or two thrown in we nailed this in 1 try tonight. Onto Madness we go!

Legendary Daggers

Big congratulations to Ngebe who gained our first pair of borderline useless outside of PvP daggers, Ngebe has kept 100% attendance since joining us always gives 110% in raids and never ever moans (god knows how) so in my opinion he deserves the oranges alot! Stay tuned for a spine kill which should be incoming shortly, retarded encounter though it is!

Warmaster Blackhorn 25 Heroic

Most underwhelming boss ever, once morons could actually see the charge lines and people stopped standing in barrages on their lonesome, we killed this pretty fast Phase 2 is nothing but a joke so once Phase 1’s nailed your away. Here’s a picture of Zoomkin being shit, enjoy, also heal the tanks Julia Gawd!. We didn’t fraps this because it isn’t worth it so screenshot will have to do!

Ultraxion 25 Heroic

Big purple bastard Barney tamed, fair to say its been a rough few weeks with the holiday season, in fact just getting the right setup to push this boss (seriously) was an effort in itself. We should have killed it a night earlier but for a depressing 300k wipe after which the raiders all morphed into downers. I was going to list all our Big Button fails as a little joke but nobody wants to scroll through 3 pages, I can tell you that hunters and mages are by far in front but don’t blame Kelt blame Arnhem.

Hagara 25 Heroic

Standing in a straight line is serious business! This fight is really simple all it requires is no melee and no Warlock imps (apparently they don’t make for good conductors) This fast clean kill leaves us at 22nd in the World which is astounding considering our schedule fantastic job by all our members, even Lazlop!

Warlord Zon'ozz 25 Heroic

To start off with our preparation for Dragon Soul was far from perfect, the guild experienced everything British internet had to offer which isn”t much and we had a lot of confusion surrounding Raid Finder and how to approach it on a 3 day schedule. We entered the instance on Wednesday and to be frank were pretty disappointing on Morchok our stubbornness and refusal to add a healer or two after a few low percent wipes cost us a few ranks. We headed to Zon”ozz but frankly after a few pulls it was obvious we had lost all focus. So today we went in armed with a clear picture of exactly how we wanted the encounter to pan out, after 30 dgfev online casino tries we were zoning in on a kill fast and on what was close to the last try of the evening we pulled off a magnificent kill it was pretty god damn flawless! This gave us a world 25 man kill in the 40s which is our highest ranked kill to date. This fight is brutal more like this please! Oh and death to all 10 man joke guilds.