More heroics!

“Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence” applies perfectly to Shadowmage (Yeah, that’s right) forgetting to update the frontpage. Damn that guy.

In either case, we’ve been busy. Since Jin’Rokh and Horridon we’ve killed:

Tortos (28th of March) Megaera (3rd of April) Ji-Kun (4th of April) Council of Elders (10th of April) Primordious (18th of April) Iron Qon (18th of April).

We’ve also forgotten to take our terrible screenshots, but it’s a practice that will resume now that this will be getting updated again (Seriously, blame Shadowmage), but here’s two “Proof of Death” screenshots of Primordious and Iron Qon:


So I quite possibly forgot all about the front page but we’ve killed Jin’rokh and Horridon!

Guardian Druid PoV:

Shadow Priest PoV:

Sha of Fear Heroic

Finally we have cleared this tier! Big thanks to all who raided through a rather dull tier overall! We’ve managed to get a respectable rank of 128 World 25 man and we still one of the top 3 day a week raiding guilds inflatable water slides.

We have a few spots open for Ranged DPS and Healers so if you think you got what it takes please throw us an application!

What we are in most “need” of currently check WoW Progress:

Guardian Druid PoV:


Shadowpriest PoV: