10/10 Would Raid Mythic Again

At last, the hand of the Warchief is dead. Although we had no choice but to sway away from Blizzards moto of “Bring the player, not the class”. It was by far the worst fight to encourage such a thing, and naturally we didn’t have any of these classes!

But anyway, it was long over due! So here, have a REAL screenshot!

9/10 What a BLAST!

Much fun was to be had during tonights super fun Blast Furnace!

We meddled, we stood in fire, but we still reigned supreme! Despite the fact this fight requires a certain ability that only 1 class in the game has, I mean who designs an encounter around 1 ability?! Bring the player not the class right? RIGHT?!


But it’s ok, Blizzard personally said the encounter had been retuned to allow for 0 to 1 priests, not like you NEED to mind control security gaurds in p2. It will just take a while to lower the 99% damage reduction from the Slag elementals!


But enough of me going on about how badly designed that fight was, behold our screenshot! And by screenshot I mean we forgot to take one as usual, so Photoshop came to the rescue.


7/10 Mythical Blacksock Boundry Madness!

Remember when I said I was back to update the front page? Me too! But this time for real!

Naturally, we took some bosses down with us. Bringing 7/10 down for the count! Our partial evidence is presented with this horrible screenshot. I mean who has so much stuff in their bags?!

And now, a bonus screenshot! THE CONTROLLER TRAIN STOPS FOR NO ONE!!!!!

Impregnator Gobblecock and the Seven Bogres.

I live once again to update the front page! But sadly several bosses died in the process.


In brighter news we got some Mad Luck dodging mungus’ and snowballs inside Highmaul resulting in a lovely 7/7 Mythic clear! Santa gave us some lovely presents as we all had a lovely time off for Christmas joy, an enjoyable 2 weeks!

Oh, and here is our previous legit kills!

Yes, these are realistic screenshots!

You Scream, I Scream, Hellscream!

Garrosh falls before us…. to try and impress us with his bench pressing skills. But sadly he does not lift and showered us in gear. That was promptly disenchanted.

We now stand tall upon our rightful place at realm first! As well as finishing up as world 60th, an all time record!


Blackfuse Blackbelt

Siegecrafter has been making many things for us to play around with, but then he started throwing his toys off the casino belt, so we lit his fuse and he went out with a bang!

Now at 12/14 Heroic, we have the fun that will be Paragons of Klaxxi to look forward too!