8/14 Dark ShamaNazgrim!

Because I once more suck at screenshots and updating the front page in time, I am happy to reveal the take down of Kor’kon Dark shamans on Sunday and the death of General Nazgrim on Wednesday!

Naturally I only have a screen shot of Nazgrim. Now I hope saving Gamon was truely worth it!

6/14 First few nights!

Once Slackomage has stopped slacking with the front page, I present to all of you 6/14 heroics!

But we suck at taking screenshots, so here is a Sha of Pride kill. Maybe Wheatley has some screenshots….

Ra, Ra, Oh La La!

After a bumpy entrance into this tier, we have managed to finish it! With Ra-Den down, no one was more happy than Kuron getting his final runestone for his cloak (along side 4 others getting their final runestone)!

Now, we wait for the siege to begin!

Long Over Due Lei Shen!

FINALLY! After many attempts Lei Shen ran out of spark and hit the floor! Putting us at 12/13 with an overall guild ranking better than we have ever had!

Now all we need is 200 range classes for Ra-Den 😀

More heroics!

“Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence” applies perfectly to Shadowmage (Yeah, that’s right) forgetting to update the frontpage. Damn that guy.

In either case, we’ve been busy. Since Jin’Rokh and Horridon we’ve killed:

Tortos (28th of March) Megaera (3rd of April) Ji-Kun (4th of April) Council of Elders (10th of April) Primordious (18th of April) Iron Qon (18th of April).

We’ve also forgotten to take our terrible screenshots, but it’s a practice that will resume now that this will be getting updated again (Seriously, blame Shadowmage), but here’s two “Proof of Death” screenshots of Primordious and Iron Qon:


So I quite possibly forgot all about the front page but we’ve killed Jin’rokh and Horridon!

Guardian Druid PoV:

Shadow Priest PoV: