Aurora's 1st Legendary

Androme got the legendary and all I got was this crappy pet. Grats to our officer who got the Realms first Tarecgosa”s Rest casino online and thanks for being so consistently awesome over the past few months, even though you are a douche :/

Ted did not write this btw honest!

Majordomo 25 Heroic

Simple in theory but slightly more complicated in practice, it basically required a perfect try with no “avoidable” deaths although for some reason people seemed keen on getting closer to people than they”ve ever cared to be before. That said its been a casino online online casino wicked week, and we look forward to farming for a few weeks and getting prepared for an assault on Rag whilst we wait for people to return from holidays. Video for Domo incoming shortly!

Baleroc 25 Heroic

A lot easier than we expected, took us 16 tries in total, none of which were below 50% until the kill which came out of nowhere! Check out Furial’s epic video below and stay tuned for a Majorhomo HC kill soon, looks doable.

Spider Pig 25 Heroic

Arachnids never have and never will be fun, this was no different. After fixing our kiting and finally getting our raiders to stop gawping at a million health bars and actually frag one of them the kill came pretty quickly. All about control and prioritising.


Shannox 25 Heroic

A nice entry level hardmode, traps everywhere but once you get the hang of stack resets its actually quite simple! Rhyolith doesn’t appear to be a million miles away either. Not the screenshot Zoom expected but anything for a peaceful life, a tier on and we still can’t grasp the art of a good screenshot!

Al’Akir 25 Heroic

We decided we should probably get round to doing Al’Akir on 25HC and so we did, taking a total of 7 attempts to fully wrap up our 25man raiding to 13/13 HC. Check back to see us on horrendous looking mounts soon!


Realm First Sinestra

Really good encounter with a really fun feel certainly doesn’t have the toughest mechanics, but there is an element of surprise when you see a dumbass hurtling towards you at a ridiculous speed with cutter. Overall really fun! Lost count of how many wrack into an immediate fire breath combos we had and how many random tank splats we endured. But all in all fantastic job all, just council to go and we can rest a little before Firelands.