Cho'gall 25 Heroic – Tentacle Disco Party

Poke it with a stick make sure it”s dead! Wow what a fight, up until now nothing we had killed had quite as much of an epic feel with Nefarian being a real low point and quite disappointing. However Cho”gall certainly Here are some tips to promote the important role you and your teen play in developing a safe skilled driver during NTDSW and throughout the year:SPREAD THE WORD!Get your friends involved in creating a NTDSW campaign at your driving schools in atlanta that helps teens and parents set clear expectations for each other to develop safe skilled drivers. delivered, the fight itself is intense to say the least and requires the kitchen sink in terms of dps and that’s just to meet a smooth transition, luckily we had a pyroblast flinging tentacle monster on our side. P2 really makes the fight quite special and gives it that truly epic feel. Bring on more fights like this really!

Here’s a kill pic with Sinestra and you can clearly tell our first pull went swimmingly.


Realm First Nefarian 25 Heroic

Simple in theory and for most simple in practice, some of our dps liked canceling dominion at the worst possible time though. The fight itself is all about control, kite the adds properly, manage the interrupts, time cooldowns and you’re golden. It really wasn’t as tough as we expected.

Just the rest of Bastion to clear now and we are done for this tier, great job all. I’d also like to say a quick thank you to Grauser who is leaving us to try out that real life malarkey, send us a postcard!


Realm First Al’Akir Heroic

First of all thank you to all the raiders who took time out from our 25 man schedule to attend Al’Akir Heroic, and a big thanks to Golf, Wesker and Feelman who put in so much effort but weren’t in for the kill.
The fight itself well what can we say 242 wipes and 1 kill, the challenge exists in P1 what can seem like a comfortable pull can swiftly be taken away and destroyed in an instant, theres actually very little you can do when your stood in lightning with an incoming wind burst and a tornado wall with a tiny gap in it, thats conveniently placed on frost.
I think we felt every emotion in P1 from laughing it off to bemused rage and everything in between. If you by some miracle survive the rng the fights really in your hands P2 and P3 aren’t hugely difficult you just cannot let feedback stacks drop. To put this in perspective out of the 242 tries I’d say roughly 45 of these were spent in P2 and 3 in P3, they basically made the fight in P1.
Anyway despite all the obstacles here’s a kill pic and a video.


Omnotron 25 Heroic

Well this encounter was certainly the toughest one so far, healings intense, positioning is key and interupters cannot fail. Add to this some plain sadistic rng and you have a fun encounter which in fairness we should have killed a day earlier had some of our ranged not gone out of their way to sabotage a kill which turned out to be a 4% wipe. Im glad it finally died for our sanity though and only Nefarion HC stands in our way in Descent.


Maloriak 25 Heroic

Nothing special, get the interupts right and your golden. I think it took us Some people in some states who bought outside of the marketplace due to technical issues with their states website, despite qualifying for subsidies, could casino online have retroactively sign up for a marketplace plan and receive federal subsidies. longer to take the screenshot and we still fail at it!


Conclave of Wind 25 Heroic

I think I read somewhere it takes on “average” 75 wipes to down heroic conclave, I”d estimate a good 50 of these are watching your melee float around aimlessly after they”ve refused to move from Wind Blast or just decided the ability did not apply to them. After the melee got their shit together we invented problems for ourselves on Freedom-loving inventive Aquarius can?t be in love with practical horoscope for capricorn for a long time. other platforms and just when we were about to give up all hope we decided to wipe on a soul crushing 0.2%.
But finally we present a kill pic and I”ll be the first in saying im in no hurry to go back.